2017 Brinly PA-48BH - 48" Plug Aerator

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PA-48BH - 48" Plug Aerator



Ideal for larger lawns, Brinly’s super wide 48" Tow-Behind Plug Aerator is the tool you need to keep your lawn lush and beautiful. This heavy-duty aerator features 32 heat-treated steel tines that extract 3" soil plugs from your lawn, allowing water, seed and fertilizer to reach the root zone. The plugs contain microorganisms that are beneficial to the soil, so leaving them to break down on the lawn helps replenish vital nutrients.

Each plugging spoon can be replaced individually, providing less expensive maintenance versus having to replace the entire spoon shaft. Four separate welded tine sections rotate independently, preventing lawn damage during tractor turns. And for those really compacted areas where maximum penetration is needed, an additional 200 lbs. of weight may be added to the fully enclosed steel tray. Need to cross the driveway or drive over a sidewalk? Simply engage the semi-pneumatic transport wheels using the side lever.

  • 32 Heat-Treated Plugs: The 32 heat treated 16-gauge steel core plug spoons pull 3” soil cores of soil to the surface, allowing water, seed and fertilizer to reach your lawn’s root system.
  • Weight Tray: The rigid, fully enclosed tray design provides durability and maximum support for additional tray weights.
  • 4 Rotating Sections: The four independently rotating, welded plug tine sections ensure reliability and compensate for uneven ground passes and tractor turns.
  • Universal Hitch: The unique 2-piece steel drawbar with universal hitch pin design easily attaches to lawn tractors allowing you to plug aerate your yard all from the comfort of your lawn tractor seat.
  • Transport Lever: The single transport lever and large treaded wheels make crossing driveways and walkways simple.
  • Aeration Method: Plug; 32 heat-treated spoons
  • Aeration Depth: up to 3" (76 mm)
  • Working Width: 48" (1219 mm)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 36" x 51" x 28" (914 x 1295 x 711 mm)
  • Tray Weight Capacity: 200 lbs (91 kg)
  • Wheels: 10" x 3" (254 x 76 mm)
  • Ship Weight: 91 lbs (41 kg)
All product information specified in the above chart is held as approximate.



Coring Width
48 in. (1219 mm)
Coring Depth
up to 3 in. (76 mm)
28 in. (711 mm)
91 lb. (41 kg)
51 in. (1295 mm)
36 in. (914 mm)

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