Equipment Protection Plans

Arco is happy to offer protection plans for almost any type of equipment. These plans can prevent unexpected expenses after the manufacturer's warranty expires. In addition to covering most equipment failures after the manufacturer's warranty has expired, these plans provide several benefits the manufactures do not cover as part of the warranty, including:

- Pickup and delivery

- Rental / loaner machines

- Transferable to others

- Can be purchased any time, provided 6 months remain on manufacturer's warranty

Please note that these (and almost all) protection plans are not an extended warranty. Under a protection plan, the maximum payout from our plan provider, Fail Safe, is equal to the original cost of the machine. For more information on coverage and other benefits, contact us, visit Fail Safe's website or you can review this sample contract.

The cost of these plans for 3 years of additional protection is based on the purchase price of the machine, based on the following chart:

Equipment Price - Protection Plan Cost
$0 - $500 $49.99
$500.01 - $600 $59.99
$600.01 - $700 $69.99
$700.01 - $800 $79.99
$800.01 - $900 $89.99
$900.01 - $1,000 $99.99
> $1,000 10% of Purchase Price.

For questions on other coverage options, please contact us.