ARCO Quality:

In the day and age of throw away equipment, ARCO stands in the gap for the people who truly love quality, performance, and longevity out of the machine they purchase. ARCO Lawn's Sales department has spent the last 35+ years inspecting, repairing, and selling almost every brand that has been made. We have realized that in order to become something great, you must find a product that reflects the quality standards and post sale service support that is expected from a vendor.

ARCO Knowledge:

Our sales team has used and tested nearly all the equipment we sell and many competing products as well, so we can help you select the right products for your specific needs. In addition, we have the feedback of thousands of other customers we can relay to you. Lastly, we stay up-to-date on the latest trends and promotions in the industry in an effort to provide you with the best knowledge and support to make your investment decision

Need more convincing?

Lower Prices - People think they can get the same product and service at the box store for less. Not true. We will match any advertised price for the same product and service. Usually, we're the same or lower anyway.

Initial Setup - Unless requested otherwise, we setup, service, and test every machine that leaves our store. We do this to ensure the machine is set up correctly, works properly, and you know how to start and operate it.

Better, Faster Service - We aim to provide all our service customers with the best service they can find anywhere in the St. Louis area, but there are several advantages to purchasing your machine from Arco:

- Priority Service - Machines bought from Arco are given priority in the shop.

- Warranty Information - We have your machine's warranty information on file, so no need to retain and find your original receipt when you bring a machine in for a warranty repair.

- No Deposit on Warranty Repairs - As a courtesy to our customers, we do not take a service deposit if you have an issue likely to be covered under warranty. We also waive the charge on shop supplies and fuel, which manufacturers generally won't cover as part of their warranty.

Parts Availability - On average, we stock 20-30 times more parts for the brands we sell than the other common brands in the marketplace. Whether, you have a machine in for service or do your own work, we can get your machine up and running faster if it's a brand we sell because we probably have the parts in stock.