Honeysuckle is an invasive plant found throughout Missouri. It is among the first plants to get their leaves in the spring and among the last to lose them in the fall. Based on your needs there are several ways to control honeysuckle.


A brush cutter can be an efficient method for controlling honeysuckle, but will not completely eradicate it. We offer a wide range of brushcutters for sale and rental.

Foliar Spray

A solution consisting of glyphosate and water plus a surfactant can safely and effectively be applied using a manual or gas powered sprayer.

Cut-Stump Method

Combining the use of a brushcutter and applying a glyphosate spray on the cut stumps creates a very effective method for getting rid of honeysuckle.

Basal Spraying

  • Call an expert
  • Be sure to always follow instructions on products and equipment
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