Whether you want to make a huge leap in the look of your lawn or maintain it's strong health, fall is the time of year to do it. Below are the most common activities best performed this time of year. While doing all these activities every year will surely help you get and maintain a great looking lawn, it would be a lot of work.  We are  happy to help you prioritize your needs and come up with a schedule that works for you and your lawn. Alternating some of these activities each year can be a good maintenance plan for lawns already in good shape.

1. Aerating - Aerating your lawn is one of the most important ways to maintain a healthy lawn. It promotes root development by reducing soil tension and allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients in. It's also a great way to prep your lawn for grass seed.

2. Dethatching - A Power Rake uses flail blades or spring tines to pull up thatch and disturb the surface of the soil. This both removes the dead thatch that can enable fungus and disease and prepares the soil for seed and fertilizing. This is especially important for lawns with warm weather grasses (they turn brown in winter).

3. Over-Seeding - Over-seeding will thicken your lawn, which prevents weeds, looks great, and crowds out undesirable grasses and weeds.  Fall is the best time to lay seed in St. Louis because the grass has time to mature before the next hot summer.  Grass stared in the spring usually starts nicely, but can die in the summer heat. 

4. Fertilizer - Lawns respond well to fertilizers this time of year.  Apply our Iron & Feed fertilizer for a deep green look for the rest of the growing season. An organic option is also available. 

Prefer to have someone else do the hard work?  We can recommend qualified landscape contractors.