Leaf cleanup can be very time-consuming without the proper plan and tools.  Additionally, the wrong approach can affect the health of your lawn.  A few options:

1. Mulching - Using your mower to mulch your leaves can be a time effective way to get the job done - especially for areas where the leaves aren't too dense.  However, too much leaf mulch at one time can choke out the grass and ultimately kill your lawn.  If you have a lot of leaves, consider mulching the early and late leaves and blowing or bagging the big leaf dump.

2. Blowing - For cities with curbside pickup included in your taxes, blowing leaves to the street is probably the way to go - at least for the big leaf dump.  People living in areas without curbside pickup can usually find a service to pick up your leaves from the curb for reasonable prices.  When it comes to getting the right blower, having the right one for the job can save a lot of time.  A blower with too low CFM (cubic feet per minute) can take even longer than raking without the exercise benefit.

3. Bagging - Bagging leaves is the most time-consuming method and there unusually is a cost of disposal as well.  Bagging leaves can be a good approach if you have dense leaves over a fairly small area or if your leaves are in areas where it's hard to blow them to the street.

Think you spend too much time on leaves, we'd be happy to discuss your situation with you.